Company Services Overview: Foreign Language Translation and Interpretation; Legal Interpretation

Foreign Language Translation and Interpretation

Acquire Language Now has a solid history of foreign language translation in any type of print or online media formatting and interpretation onsite or online service.

Industries Served:

  • --Legal Industry: Attornies, Courtrooms, Mediation
  • --Restaurant Industry: Employee Management, Code of Conduct Manuals, Servicing Guides
  • --Financial Industry: Banks, Credit Unions, and other financial institutions
  • --Medical Industry: Hospitals, Doctor's Office, Acute Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospice
  • --Retail Industry: Online Shopping
  • --Real Estate Industy: Foreign real estate contracts
  • --Manufacturing Industry: Employment Manuals and Code of Conduct Manuals
  • --Education: Code of Conduct Manuals, Registration Materials, Promotional Materials
  • --Insurance Industry: Key Phrase Concepts Translation Guides
  • Legal Interpretation

    Legal Interpretation varies from case to case. Acquire Language Now meets with clients onsite for all types of foreign language interpretation needs.

    • --Court interpretation
    • --Client to Client Interpretation
    • --Mediation
    • --Document and Contract Translation