Language Learning Success

Being Realistic

For those who are not planning on residing in another country, attempting to learn the 500,000+ words in a language simply does not make sense unless there is some other realistic basis for doing so. For many applications structures of learning should be based on basic projected outcomes. For this reason, many people prefer Acquire Language Now's methodology and systems of learning.

School systems, however, have a much more difficult process for language learning than business since the foreign student must in time keep up with all native speakers. Acquire Language Now addresses both needs with specialized training and educational methodologies. .

Choosing the Right Options

Choosing learning options correctly is essential for that reason. To discuss language options and which courses are currently offered, please call or email and we will discuss plans for your journey into learning language correctly and with great ease.

Language Portal Learning Offerings:

  • --Essential English
  • --Spanish for Management
  • --English for Supervisors
  • --Proprietary Training

  • Learning Portal Offerings:

  • --Onboarding for HR Applications
  • --Spanish for Management
  • --Codes of Conduct and Employee Manual Training
  • --Management Applications
  • --Proprietary Training
  • Language Portal Learners

    Language Portal Learners find it incredibly easy to access materials, review and receive effectively presented remediation materials, and go back over missed or misunderstood concepts in other contexts.

    Language Portal Administrators and Facilitators will find the portal extremely versatile and that the portal will provide an extraordinary amount of employee information at their fingertips.

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    For School Systems

    School systems access student information easily on a multi-level administrative system. Teachers can view their students progress while administrators view class and student progress. Especially used with Limited English Proficiency as a supplementary educational language learning method.

    For Governments

    Government and agency training is totally proprietary for specialized fields. Specific language groups or a license to the complete portal system can be appropriated for both intensive and regular paced language programs.

    For Individuals

    Individual learners require no license and can use a pay by course system with a short trial period to see if ALN's language learning methodology works for them.