Why is Chipotle so popular?

Chipotle is one of the most famous restaurants around, and it has developed an excellent reputation for itself. Chipotle comes from the theme of a Mexican grill. The menu of Chipotle is quite limited. However, it does offer a lot of meal customization. The first branch of Chipotle started to operate in 1993, and now the restaurant has a total of 1700 stores throughout the US as well as other countries. McDonald’s use to have stakes in the shares of Chipotle in the 2000s but later backed out in 2006. After Chipotle went through the IPO, its stock rose from $42 to a staggering $650. Due to this, Chipotle is now a long-term investment opportunity.

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How Much Does a TEFL Certificate Cost?

Any person who wishes to teach English as a foreign language requires a TEFL certificate. The cost of the certification program depends on a few factors but generally ranges from $200 to $500 for a basic license and a higher amount somewhere between $1000 to USD 2500 for a more advanced level such as to teach in a university.

To gain entry for a TEFL course, people do not need a bachelor’s degree or a teaching license. However, they do need the skill to speak English fluently and enough money to pay for the tuition fee.

Worth of TEFL certification

A majority, if not all, of the schools worldwide, require that their English teachers gold a TEFL certificate along with other qualifications. TEFL certification has many benefits. It helps to show employers that you have what it takes to be instructing an English course and that you are skilled enough to teach English to people speaking other languages. A TEFL program is best suited for people who love learning as this training course spreads over to about four weeks which includes traveling, sightseeing and other adventurous activities. Trainees get to experience different cultures and have a job waiting for them when they finish their training. People who successfully earn a TEFL certification get personal assistance on finding a job and have many opportunities available, for them to choose from. However, it must be brought into light that not all TEFL courses are created equal and therefore, not all trainees are treated the same so it is essential to pick a program that makes your certification worth the while. The course opted for depends on the trainee’s background and future teaching plans.

The overall cost of a TEFL certificate

A majority of people who get a TEFL certificate earn their degrees online, which costs notably less and had a much more flexible timetable that can even be based on the convenience of the trainee. When browsing online, it is seen that these courses start from $150 and can go up to $1500, which only covers the tuition. An online course with a tutor which requires an average of 120 hours costs more.

The contrast in the cost of TEFL courses depends on several factors, such as the number of hours being put in, the fee of the course provider and the involvement of a personal tutor.

Generally, the higher the hours required to complete the course, the more it costs. An average job requires that teachers put in at least 100 hours of training for their certification. Therefore, courses occupying less time than this will be considered at a beginner’s level and are not as costly. Programs requiring more hours, charge a higher amount of money, but also offer a higher level of skill and expertise to show when applying for a job.

cost of TEFL

The course that requires self-study and no external help is less expensive as the trainee uses online tools to quiz and assess their performance. The involvement of a tutor is beneficial, especially if a trainee is encountering problems. The courses that cost the highest are the university level programs which are designed for teachers who aim to build a career in teaching. These courses are also more interactive.

Courses offered by more established training centers also charge a higher amount in comparison to centers that are not credible enough and are not verified.

Where Teachers Are Most Respected

Teachers hold an essential place in our society. They educate our new generation and help them in understanding this world. Teachers are treated differently in different countries depending on their culture, religion, social and economic factors. Many nonprofit organizations perform surveys regarding the quality of teaching and how teachers are treated around the world. this also includes not only the behavior of their students but also the behavior of the school and treatment of the society and management with them. These surveys also compare the salaries of teachers with other professions.

Results of the latest survey

According to the newest study held in 2018 which is known as the Global Teacher Status Index conducted by Varkey foundation a nonprofit organization. This report established the link between the status of teacher and pupil performance. This report reveals that China is a country where teachers are most respected. Malaysia and Taiwan follow China. This survey was conducted in 35 countries.

Why are teachers most respected in China?

The teachers working in mainland China enjoy the highest level of respect among the society in which they serve. The reason behind this is that respecting teachers is part of their traditions and an integral part of their value system. Unlike the USA and other European countries teachers in China are paid equally in comparison with other professions in some cases their pays exceed. China is a country that follows their tradition very closely. Due to this reason China has not only excelled in every professional field of the professional world. China as Nation has understood the importance of a well-respected and mentally healthy teacher and its impact on their society as a whole.


Malaysia is a Muslim country, and Islam has given teachers more respect than any other religion. Malaysia has proved that they have known how to follow their religious teachings and pay to respect their teachers. They know the reason behind their success as a nation. There are well respected and hardworking teachers who have transformed their ordinary students into leaders of tomorrow.         



Both of these countries were backward at the time of their independence especially China. Now China is an economic power and considered as the factory of the world also; it is one of the most advanced countries in the world. All this is because of knowledge of technology and commerce. They excelled in every field of life all because they understood the way to move forward is to acquire knowledge. The process of acquiring knowledge cannot be fulfilled without giving the proper respect to teachers they deserve. The societies that haven’t respected the teachers are still back-word because the status of the teacher is directly linked to the performance of the student. If the teacher is not paid justly and does not enjoy the state they deserve, it will affect their performance. In some developing countries, teachers are found physically abusing students because they were having financial problems and other societal issues. 

Which Countries Pay the Most for the English Teachers?

As we all know, English is a global language. Countries, institutions, and people all around the world communicate with each other in this language. Apart from communication, it is the official language of many countries around the world; their notifications, judicial orders and even trade agreements with other countries are written in this language. Another reason why the English language is so important is that it is the language of the world’s biggest entertainment and news platforms. So to stay with the world by following international news media, communicate with foreigners and understand the world better, there is an imminent need to learn this global language.

Those countries where English is their foreign or second language tend to pay more than those countries where this language is their first language. Developed nations like the USA, England, and Australia have higher GDP than most of countries around the world. To do business with them the businessmen in emerging countries and underdeveloped nations learn the English language to introduce their products and services to these countries.  

What country pays the most to English teachers.

The country where English teachers receive more salaries and incentives then their counterparts in the native state is UAE (United Arab Emirates). In the UAE, an English teacher can make up to $4000/- which is also tax-free. After the discovery of oil in the UAE, they became strong economically and not only that, their currency becomes one of the most potent money in the region.


Reasons why the UAE pays the most salaries to English teachers.

1.      UAE as a tourist destination

UAE has become a tourist attraction for international tourists. Tourist comes from every part of the world and most of them communicate in English since it is a global language. To interact with this tourist they need to learn that language is spoken by most of them so it created a need to learn the English language.

2.      UAE as an international trade center.

UAE is recognized worldwide as the center for international trade and commerce. Businessmen mostly from European countries, America, and Canada, do business with this country. Now to effectively conduct business with them, it is mandatory for people of UAE to learn this language and hire the English language.

3.      Their education system can afford this salary.

The education system of UAE is managed by their ministry of education, and since UAE is a wealthy country, they have no issues of finances. Apart from their governmental education system, they also have international school chains that can pay equal to the teacher teaching the English language.


UAE has massive oil wealth and it is the hub of international trade. As they become wealthy, they started investing in infrastructure, making their country a spot for tourism and international trade. This created a need to bring English language teachers from around the world to teach their new generation how to speak this language. To do that, they offered a salary that no other country was offering. Also, their salary income is tax-free. 

Yes, You Can Teach Abroad Without a Degree!

Are you looking to move abroad? If you are, one of your primary concerns would be about the different issues there. One big problem you may face abroad is getting a job. Especially if you do not have a professional college degree, there are not many professions you can work in. But, what if we tell you that there is one very lucrative profession you can join without any college degree? Sounds interesting? If yes, then read on. We will notify you all about how you can go abroad and start teaching without a college degree as a teacher.


You can indulge in TEFL to earn overseas without a degree. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. Teachers are highly respected members of society all across the globe. Mainly if you teach a foreign language, the respects, as well as financial benefits, increase. As it turns out, many countries in the world allow individuals from any country where English is the native language; teach without any professional college degree. There is a high demand in such countries for individuals who can speak and communicate in English. The following are some of these countries where you can teach English as a foreign language without having any degree.

·         Cambodia

·         Costa Rica

·         Italy

·         Mexico

·         Peru

·         Russia

·         South Korea

·         Spain

It is essential to mention here that these are only some of the countries where it is possible to teach the English language without a degree. There are several other European countries where you can teach English without a proper college degree. Also, with the rise of online education, you can start teaching on online platforms. There are many online platforms where you can start training without any professional degree. You can also work as a freelance teacher on many online websites. 


There are many important considerations that you need to take in this regard. One of the essential factors that you need to take in this regard is that if you do not have a college degree, you need to be open about it. You must never lie on your resume. It may land you a job in the short-term. But, in the long-term, you may suffer significantly due to this element. Moreover, teaching can be a hectic profession at times. Make sure that they are ready to face the subsequent challenges before joining this profession.


Now that you know about how you can teach overseas without a degree, you can remove one of the biggest worries from your list of moving abroad. It is a significant benefit that you can teach without a degree. Also, not many people know about this aspect. It is also important to mention that landing a job as a TEFL is not such a hard job. Many institutes can give you a career as a TEFL. 

How Do I Become an English Tutor Online?

We are living in the age of the internet. Now everyone can get online lectures on the web making the location of the lecturer irrelevant. Many online websites employ people who are good at their subjects as online tutors. These online tutors prepare their questions and give a lecture from the comforts of their home. As we all know, English is an international language and people from many different countries are interested in learning this language. A person can use the platform of a website or teach as a freelancer. The following are the requirements for becoming an English tutor.

1. You must have a Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university

To teach English, you must know the language. If must be at least a bachelor in this subject to equip yourself to teach this language. Most of the companies require a bachelor’s degree to consider you for the job. 

2. You must be fluent in English

Now to teach English, you must be fluent in it. If you are not and you stop and think in between sentences during teaching, you will not become a successful teacher or become a teacher in the first place. Many online teaching websites conduct online interviews before hiring you as an online tutor  

3. You must know how to plan your course lecture wise

You must know how to design your subject according to the needs of the website.

4. You must know how to manage time

Being an online tutor means that you are not going physically to school or any other institute so some teachers indulge in other activities because of which they are unable to record their lectures or miss their time for live online sessions. This also applies to prepare the talk for the class.

Companies that will employ you as an English tutor

Now as an online tutor you must select between a website and a freelance tutor.


There are many online companies that can use you as a teacher few of them are as follows:

1.  Teach away

If you are living in the US and Canada and you have a Bachelor’s Degree in English, then this is the website for you. This Website uses the internet to teach students in distant areas to like China. They also give preference to former English teachers.


This is another website that is for the people living in the USA and Canada. Teachers living here can make approximately $14 to $22 per hour by teaching English.

As a freelancer

As a freelancer, you can make your online tutor channel on YouTube. YouTube will pay you according to the views of videos and your subscribers. If you are useful in what you are teaching students will subscribe to your channel and view your lessons. Another method of teaching English as a freelancer is to create a gig on Fiverr website where you offer your services an English teacher against a price you will charge them.