6 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Instagram


There are many features that bloggers can make use of on Instagram to promote their blog page and generate more traffic to their content. It is common practice for bloggers to use the vast majority of people using Instagram on a daily basis and divert traffic to their blog.

It is important to note that a post will not generate a very large amount of engagements on its own, using Instagram promotion is advisable to get more traffic to your posts, and ultimately to your blog page, to get the best results.

Gaining a good audience on Instagram is essential to generating more traffic to your blog. One quick way to do this is to explore ways how to get famous people to follow you on Instagram. This article will explore the 6 best ways to promote your blog using the Instagram app.

Using Instagram Stories

According to reports, people are much more likely to look into Instagram stories, due to them taking a very prominent place in the app. Providing links to your blog post would be a great way to get your content noticed by your audience more effectively. 

Using Link in Bio

Another great way is to provide a link to your blog page or add it to your Instagram bio. This makes your blog take up a very prominent area on your Instagram page, and followers, as well as visitors on your Instagram profile, are more likely to visit your blog page as well.

Another easy way is by adding creative call to action on captions, stories, reels, or your posts. This helps your audience better understand the purpose of the post and are more likely to interact. Sometimes it is as simple as asking your audience to do something to generate more engagement, so asking people to visit your blog link may have a meaningful impact on a blog’s traffic.

Posting screenshots of your blog posts

A very easy and straightforward way to attract more people to a blog post would be to share it as a screenshot on your Instagram app. This would create an attractive teaser or highlight of what to expect in the blog post for viewers and will encourage more people to interact due to the more engaging and attractive way of exhibiting the post.

Connect with other bloggers on Instagram

The Instagram platform has currently got many successful bloggers who regularly share links to their blog posts on the app, to get them noticed more effectively by their followers. Following these bloggers would make your account close to like-minded people and audiences. It is vital to share your links in the comments section of their posts, and regularly interact with their content by liking and commenting on their posts.

Use high-quality images and videos

Using visual content to promote a blog is more likely to generate traffic, as it is the preferred form of content by the majority of the audience. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithms give priority to visual content and make it rank higher on the followers’ feed, making them more reachable to the audience.