How Much Does a TEFL Certificate Cost?

Any person who wishes to teach English as a foreign language requires a TEFL certificate. The cost of the certification program depends on a few factors but generally ranges from $200 to $500 for a basic license and a higher amount somewhere between $1000 to USD 2500 for a more advanced level such as to teach in a university.

To gain entry for a TEFL course, people do not need a bachelor’s degree or a teaching license. However, they do need the skill to speak English fluently and enough money to pay for the tuition fee.

Worth of TEFL certification

A majority, if not all, of the schools worldwide, require that their English teachers gold a TEFL certificate along with other qualifications. TEFL certification has many benefits. It helps to show employers that you have what it takes to be instructing an English course and that you are skilled enough to teach English to people speaking other languages. A TEFL program is best suited for people who love learning as this training course spreads over to about four weeks which includes traveling, sightseeing and other adventurous activities. Trainees get to experience different cultures and have a job waiting for them when they finish their training. People who successfully earn a TEFL certification get personal assistance on finding a job and have many opportunities available, for them to choose from. However, it must be brought into light that not all TEFL courses are created equal and therefore, not all trainees are treated the same so it is essential to pick a program that makes your certification worth the while. The course opted for depends on the trainee’s background and future teaching plans.

The overall cost of a TEFL certificate

A majority of people who get a TEFL certificate earn their degrees online, which costs notably less and had a much more flexible timetable that can even be based on the convenience of the trainee. When browsing online, it is seen that these courses start from $150 and can go up to $1500, which only covers the tuition. An online course with a tutor which requires an average of 120 hours costs more.

The contrast in the cost of TEFL courses depends on several factors, such as the number of hours being put in, the fee of the course provider and the involvement of a personal tutor.

Generally, the higher the hours required to complete the course, the more it costs. An average job requires that teachers put in at least 100 hours of training for their certification. Therefore, courses occupying less time than this will be considered at a beginner’s level and are not as costly. Programs requiring more hours, charge a higher amount of money, but also offer a higher level of skill and expertise to show when applying for a job.

cost of TEFL

The course that requires self-study and no external help is less expensive as the trainee uses online tools to quiz and assess their performance. The involvement of a tutor is beneficial, especially if a trainee is encountering problems. The courses that cost the highest are the university level programs which are designed for teachers who aim to build a career in teaching. These courses are also more interactive.

Courses offered by more established training centers also charge a higher amount in comparison to centers that are not credible enough and are not verified.