How to Make Sure Your Website is ADA Compliant in 2021

Accessibility and inclusivity is one of the most important aspects of modernism. Years ago, disabilities were known to be ignored, pushed aside and even ridiculed. But in today’s society, we have opened our hearts and have become accustomed to progressive thinking. Gone are the days where people with disabilities were made fun of. In our modern day society, disabilities aren’t used as insults or nor are they made fun of. People with disabilities are respected and protected. Infact, there are certain laws, such Section 508, which protects persons with disabilities from nasty corporations that are not inclusive in their corporation, or even their workspace. Now, to be ADA compliant is important. But what is it exactly?

ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act is a law to protect persons with disabilities. It is to pave the way for diversity and inclusivity in public places such as retail stores, restaurants, public parks, public restrooms, airports, train stations or subways, bus terminals, healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, resorts, properties that are up for rental, sidewalks, parking garages, sports stadiums, and schools from kindergarten to colleges and universities. In short, any area that has public access should be ADA compliant. ADA compliance applies to all of the following: organizations which house 15 or more employees, local, county, state and federal government agencies, and private-owned companies. It is safe to say that ADA Compliance is legally required if any of these apply to you. The best way to be ADA compliant is going to adacompliancepros website which we will talk about in this article.

Not only that, but ADA compliance doesn’t just stop in public areas. The internet is also a place that needs to be accessible to those who have disabilities. As a business owner, one should know if your website is ADA compliant. Here are the few steps in order to find out:

  • ADA compliance checker tools – there are many tolls on the internet ro check whether or not your website is ADA compliant. Tools such as WAVE and Lighthouse which ultimately judge your website through its color, text size, images, typeface, and more.
  • ADA Compliance Pros – there are many companies that can assist you intp being ADA compliant such as ADA compliance Pros. ADA Compliance Pros is the best because they are the experts, fighting hard to help protect clients from ADA lawsuits and helping clients get VPAT by improving accessibility for all. From commercial properties to websites, they help remove accessibility barriers. Their end-to-end approach takes out the guesswork and gets their client to be ADA and VPAT compliant. If you think that mental health in relation to people with disabilities is important to you, then consulting with them is the way to go. Their focus has been to protect businesses and property owners from ADA lawsuits. With over 1,000 surveys, they have perfected how to best minimize lawsuit exposure. They also maintain an iron-clad policy to never work with plaintiffs if there is active litigation.
  • Build an ADA Compliant Website – If your old website is not ADA compliant, then the best thing to do is to just make a newer and better one.