What are some common causes of a fire accident?

Fire is a dangerous power that can bring a lot of damage if treated negligently. It is crucial to be attentive and cautious when dealing with fire, cause fire accidents lead not only to physical harm, loss of property, pain, and suffering but also to being concerned with injury claim issues. So instead of turning to a personal injury lawyer in Bergen County, NJ or another similar trustworthy company to reach favorable settlements and financial relief in the future, you should think about preventing fire accidents ahead of time.

So, let’s have a look at some common causes of fire accidents:


This is the leading cause of fire accidents and accounts for a great percentage of residential fires. This is because of the malfunction of the gas appliances we are using. Apart from gas explosions, grease fires also occur since flambé has become a common cooking technique. Grease fires are caused when cooking oil goes over 375 degrees Fahrenheit and transforms into flames.

It is actually safe not to practice flambé if you are not familiar with it. If that’s the case, you should take the necessary precautionary measures when the grease fire occurs:

Remove or turn off the heat. Make sure you handle the heat with great respect. Ensure you are using some gloves to prevent burns.

Cover the lit oil with a metal lid and pour baking soda over smaller grease fires.

Use an extinguisher to settle the fire and call 911.

You should not use water or try to move the firing pot or pan around.

Electrical fires

In this category, short circuits and overloading are the major causes. It is therefore important to know the following principles before loading a socket or connecting an electrical appliance:

How old is this building? Can it handle the new demands of electricity supplied?

Connect huge electrical appliances directly to the electrical outlet instead of using an extension.

Do not apply more than three “loads” on an extension.

Look at the wattage of bulbs before connecting them.

Those are the fundamental rules that you should follow before dealing with an electrical appliance or electrical connection.


What are the odds that this could happen? Well, we are not sure. But there is no need to play with major nature and flirt with danger. As much as we can control this phenomenon, it is better to have a precautionary method. Get a lightning arrestor. This applies to areas where it gets really stormy and charged in the sky during rainy seasons. Probably, there might be some news of a house a few blocks from your house that has experienced such a tragic event.


We all like candles and the aroma they bring into our lives or how they help us see in the dark, or how they literally lit up our birthdays. However, we should know that these magic items can cause fires in our houses. Actually, most candle fires are experienced in our bedrooms. This means that a candle should be closely monitored especially if you have kids who like to play around with papers or twirl in curtains. These flammable items should not be set about 12 inches away from candles.

Homeowners should opt for rechargeable light bulbs, battery-operated flashlights, and bright emergency light bulbs.