Where Teachers Are Most Respected

Where Teachers Are Most Respected

Teachers hold an essential place in our society. They educate our new generation and help them in understanding this world. Teachers are treated differently in different countries depending on their culture, religion, social and economic factors. Many nonprofit organizations perform surveys regarding the quality of teaching and how teachers are treated around the world. this also includes not only the behavior of their students but also the behavior of the school and treatment of the society and management with them. These surveys also compare the salaries of teachers with other professions.

Results of the latest survey

According to the newest study held in 2018 which is known as the Global Teacher Status Index conducted by Varkey foundation a nonprofit organization. This report established the link between the status of teacher and pupil performance. This report reveals that China is a country where teachers are most respected. Malaysia and Taiwan follow China. This survey was conducted in 35 countries.

Why are teachers most respected in China?

The teachers working in mainland China enjoy the highest level of respect among the society in which they serve. The reason behind this is that respecting teachers is part of their traditions and an integral part of their value system. Unlike the USA and other European countries teachers in China are paid equally in comparison with other professions in some cases their pays exceed. China is a country that follows their tradition very closely. Due to this reason China has not only excelled in every professional field of the professional world. China as Nation has understood the importance of a well-respected and mentally healthy teacher and its impact on their society as a whole.


Malaysia is a Muslim country, and Islam has given teachers more respect than any other religion. Malaysia has proved that they have known how to follow their religious teachings and pay to respect their teachers. They know the reason behind their success as a nation. There are well respected and hardworking teachers who have transformed their ordinary students into leaders of tomorrow.         



Both of these countries were backward at the time of their independence especially China. Now China is an economic power and considered as the factory of the world also; it is one of the most advanced countries in the world. All this is because of knowledge of technology and commerce. They excelled in every field of life all because they understood the way to move forward is to acquire knowledge. The process of acquiring knowledge cannot be fulfilled without giving the proper respect to teachers they deserve. The societies that haven’t respected the teachers are still back-word because the status of the teacher is directly linked to the performance of the student. If the teacher is not paid justly and does not enjoy the state they deserve, it will affect their performance. In some developing countries, teachers are found physically abusing students because they were having financial problems and other societal issues.