Which Countries Pay the Most for the English Teachers?

As we all know, English is a global language. Countries, institutions, and people all around the world communicate with each other in this language. Apart from communication, it is the official language of many countries around the world; their notifications, judicial orders and even trade agreements with other countries are written in this language. Another reason why the English language is so important is that it is the language of the world’s biggest entertainment and news platforms. So to stay with the world by following international news media, communicate with foreigners and understand the world better, there is an imminent need to learn this global language.

Those countries where English is their foreign or second language tend to pay more than those countries where this language is their first language. Developed nations like the USA, England, and Australia have higher GDP than most of countries around the world. To do business with them the businessmen in emerging countries and underdeveloped nations learn the English language to introduce their products and services to these countries.  

What country pays the most to English teachers.

The country where English teachers receive more salaries and incentives then their counterparts in the native state is UAE (United Arab Emirates). In the UAE, an English teacher can make up to $4000/- which is also tax-free. After the discovery of oil in the UAE, they became strong economically and not only that, their currency becomes one of the most potent money in the region.


Reasons why the UAE pays the most salaries to English teachers.

1.      UAE as a tourist destination

UAE has become a tourist attraction for international tourists. Tourist comes from every part of the world and most of them communicate in English since it is a global language. To interact with this tourist they need to learn that language is spoken by most of them so it created a need to learn the English language.

2.      UAE as an international trade center.

UAE is recognized worldwide as the center for international trade and commerce. Businessmen mostly from European countries, America, and Canada, do business with this country. Now to effectively conduct business with them, it is mandatory for people of UAE to learn this language and hire the English language.

3.      Their education system can afford this salary.

The education system of UAE is managed by their ministry of education, and since UAE is a wealthy country, they have no issues of finances. Apart from their governmental education system, they also have international school chains that can pay equal to the teacher teaching the English language.


UAE has massive oil wealth and it is the hub of international trade. As they become wealthy, they started investing in infrastructure, making their country a spot for tourism and international trade. This created a need to bring English language teachers from around the world to teach their new generation how to speak this language. To do that, they offered a salary that no other country was offering. Also, their salary income is tax-free.