YouTube For Studying: How To Use The Platform Effectively

Studying online is a handy method for students, especially those who like personal tutors or a modified learning environment. Not everyone likes the classroom environment, and this does not mean you do not like studying. Schools come with different learning specs to ensure at least everyone fits in.

Such places include classrooms, libraries, study hubs, outside settings, or even online sessions. YouTube is a great place to study as well if the above does not fit you. You can ask your lecturer to come up with YouTube unlisted lectures. Unlisted YouTube means the lecturer can only allow 50 viewers to watch content he or she uploads on YouTube. Below are methods you can maximize YouTube for your studies.

Background music

If you do not like an entirely silent study environment, play some background music. There are a variety of channels that offer such sounds. This calms your mind and improves your focus. Testimonies have it that some students improved their concentration abilities for a long time, such as 1 full hour or more.


Take advantage of free tutorials on YouTube. Some good people put an effort into sharing their knowledge and skills with students. If you did not understand a topic but would like to get more insight on the same, YouTube is the place to be.

Some tutors sell their content and if it is worth a try, sacrifice a few dollars for the same. In case you are using a free tutorial, appreciate the work done by leaving a positive comment, sharing with your friends, and subscribing to the channel.

Create a playlist

If you listen to music for a better understanding of topics, then take advantage of the ability to create playlists on YouTube. It is effective especially if you subscribe to YouTube red as ads will not be played in between your customized playlist.

To increase your concentration span, go for calm music audios instead of videos. Videos can cause you long-time distraction unless you are taking a break.

Online community

You and your study buddies can take advantage of creating and sharing private videos. If you are running protection that for example requires group work, you can create portions each and upload them to YouTube. Using the privacy features, only allow your pals to view the content and share a link.

This method will enable you to have a small online community with content you can share among your friends.

Upload your tutorials

Each of us has a different level of understanding. If there is a topic you are good at, and you can create videos from, go ahead and create your tutorials. If you upload them and get a positive response from your fellow students, create a channel and get a chance to earn from it.

It could be a side hustle that does not take much of your time, and it is an effective method of earning as you still get a chance to study.

In conclusion, using YouTube to study is an effective method and is encouraged among students. Stand out among your peers and choose a method that best suits you.